Diy Ceiling Light List

Diy Ceiling Light

Different kinds of DIY ceiling light ideas are available on the internet; they are all exclusive. To find the best idea, in the vast ideas collection of ceiling light fixtures, that suits your interest or need is a difficult task.
Hence, this task can be made easy by selecting appropriate light materials as well as other particulars. Let’s discuss 4 DIY ceiling light ideas.
DIY  String Pendant
String  pendants look so complicated; their making can be easily done. To make a string pendant,  you want a drying glue, bouncy balls, and a  string. A“16” diameter bouncy ball would require 400 yards string whereas, “9” diameter would require 100 yards.
While making,  you want just drawing  a circle on the bouncy ball, affixing gum, and wrapping the string throughout the bouncy ball. Then by  attaching the hardware as well as wires; your string pendant is ready.
DIY Tree Branch Lamp
A creative idea that needs some tree branches,  lamp cords, candelabra sockets, and IP nipples. Simply, you need only to wire, DIY ceiling light wiring, the candle holders and screwing them onto IP nipples. Finally, you require to affix the lamp cord, and your branch lamp  is ready.
DIY Folded Paper Light
Paper light fixtures are easy to make, though they take much  time, 5 to 6 hours. You would show some patience, but once you accomplish it , you absolutely love it. You ought to fold a paper, and you do folding while listening some music.
DIY GlassBottle Overhead
Glass bottles can reuse in various ways. The cheapest way is making a beautiful light overhead. You need slightly cutting the bottom of bottles while passing the electrical cords. Your light overhead will ready to use.
Must try these DIY light ideas that can give a dramatic look to your home.

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