Best Floating Candle Bowls Ideas

Floating Candle Bowls Design

Making floating candle bowls is easy and elegant way to create a unique and customized piece of decor. They will combine two completely opposite elements of the nature: hot burning fire and cold, calm, but powerful water. Only in this case they won’t be standing against each other and water won’t defeat the timid candle’s flame. On the contrary , they will unite in a slow and subtle dance, that will create a special atmosphere in your house.

It’s safe to say, that any house absolutely needs candles, as they make it seem more homey, warm and cozy, their fragrance spreads all over the house, making it smell amazing. I even won’t mention, that setting up candles in your house makes everything more romantic and relaxed. And, can you think of something more romantic than floating candle glass bowls?

Floating Candle Bowls Bulk

They’re also amazing, because you don’t have to necessarily buy them, but use pretty much any glass bowl or vase you have at home in order to make them yourselves. If you have kids, they will help you with pleasure.

So, if you were looking for some floating candle bowls ideas, I’ll tell you about several options. Whatever design you choose, the first thing you have to do is to find a glass bowl of the desired size and look. Make sure, that it’s not your kitchen necessity. Then fill it with water up to the middle or a little bit more. Decide, how many little candles you’ll put inside, considering the size of the bowl and the final result you’re willing to achieve. Then the fun part begins. You get to do a floating candle bowls design. There are several things you can do here.

First of all, you may decorate the outer part of the bowl with lace, rope, buttons, crystals, bows, sparkling spray, etc. Also you may put some sand, colorful stones and seashells on the bottom of the bowl, add some fake or real flowers or petals and other things you may think of. At last, you may dye the water any color with the food coloring.

Floating Candle Glass Bowls

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