Best Floating Candle Centerpiece

Cranberry Floating Candle Centerpiece

Floating candle centerpiece is a perfect decoration for any type of special occasion, whether it’s a holiday family gathering, a date, someone’s birthday or baby shower, prom and especially wedding. As all candles, they create a special, warm and romantic atmosphere, but these centerpieces are just extra beautiful and interesting, comparing with the ordinary holders or single candles. They will combine two completely opposite elements of the nature: hot burning fire and cold, calm, but powerful water. Only in this case they won’t be standing against each other and water won’t defeat the timid candle’s flame. On the contrary, they will unite in a slow and subtle dance, that will create a special atmosphere in your house.

Besides, you may easily remodel them according to the season, so if you want to change the décor for fall, then just recreate some fall floating candle centerpiece ideas, using the same holder and usual candles. Cranberry floating candle centerpiece will be just amazing for dining table of Thanksgiving or Christmas celebration.

Fall Floating Candle Centerpiece Ideas

We always want our wedding day be the most exceptional and perfect day of our lives, so  each piece of décor should be unique and elegant, while fitting the general décor theme and reflecting the couple’s character. Floating candle wedding centerpiece is a must have for a beach or a lake kind of wedding. They are easy to make and, as you may do it yourself, they will look exactly how you want them to and will blend with your other decorations ideally. But, generally, they will fit any theme or venue, if the colors and handle shapes are chosen right.

So, let’s see the ways of how to make a floating candle centerpiece. You have to decide, if you’re going to use just one floating candle holder and combine it with other decorations, or several of them, complementing the holders with other cute bits and pieces. Anyway, I’ll tell you the basic way of making a floating holder, and then you may use your creative side to create a centerpiece. So, you take something to put a candle in (a wine or water glass, a ceramic, metal or crystal bowl, etc.), decorate it with lace, rope, sparkles and crystals, bows and flowers, fill it with water up to the middle or a little bit more, place your candle in it along with colorful stones, sand, seashells, flowers, berries, leaves and other decorations.

Besides, if you want your candles and decorations to float in a pond, pool or even a bathtub, you may put them into plastic holders or cut out the top part of an apple, place a candle in that hole and let it float in the water.

How to Make a Floating Candle Centerpiece with Flowers

12 Photos of the Best Floating Candle Centerpiece

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