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Are you looking for high celling lighting fixtures? If yes, you are at the right place. As I am going to share some high ceiling lighting fixtures that enhance definitely your home décor.
You may agree that high ceiling leaves much choice to choose from a number of lighting options including chandeliers, hanging lights, recessed lighting.
You must adopt a multi-layered lighting approach when you want to add light fixtures in a high-ceiling room. In simple words, you must add light fixtures at each level: ceiling, table.  Let’s take a look on a number of high ceiling lighting solutions.
Island Pendant Lights
These large hanging fixtures prove to be the best decorative styles for a contemporary-style and a high-ceiling room. Hence, these lights can be hanged from different height levels to add drama and elegance.
You can add them above a dining table to have a chic look. Or install them in a kitchen to create an ambience and coziness.
A Big Chandelier
It is the best high ceiling lighting installation, and it looks really cool in a living room, eating room, or in a bedroom. It perfectly lighten up the ceiling as well as the room. So you can embellish your any home area with this glittering and beautiful light fitting.
Strip or Track Lights
Track lights are a good light option if your room has a decorative ceiling. As strip lighting is effective for highlighting corners, rafters, angles and increasing glow.
Reflecting light from the high-ceiling decreases its height and in turn, increases light throughout the room.
Recessed Lights
These build-in ceiling fittings add significant illumination to any room, but lighting should be directed in descending direction.
Fitting recessed lights in equal space, in ceiling, can prevent unevenness as well as shadows.

High Ceiling Lighting Fixtures

12 Photos of the Awesome High Ceiling Lighting Design

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