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Mosaic Tealight Candle Holders

If you’re looking for some sophisticated, unique and chic ideas for interior decorations, which won’t overload it, but bring a nice exquisite touch to it, then consider getting mosaic candle holders. A candle, put into it, will sparkle with its light and reflect the mosaic’s pattern, attracting attention to the candle and emphasizing warm, cozy or even romantic atmosphere in the room. Candles are perfect decorations for any house or apartment, as they not only bring light and warmth into the room, but also create a special atmosphere and spread a lovely fragrance throughout the house. You may change both candles and holders according to your mood or season.

Basically, mosaic candle holders are remodeled ordinary ones. It’s just a vessel of any shape and material with bitty pieces glued onto it, creating usually abstract or any other kind of image. Those can be ceramic or earthenware candle holders with varicolored or monochromatic stones attached to it. Sometimes, they are made the way, that their design is quite ragged and rough, so that they resemble the medieval or even earlier styles. The same style also includes mosaic goblet candle holders, or the ones made of silver or golden metal. So, if you want to have some antique pieces in your home décor, you should get such candle holders.

Mosaic Vases and Candle Holders

The more vintage design is inherent to the mosaic glass candle holders – glass vessels with colorful pattern on it, which is made of pieces of class or mirror of different colors and shapes. These ones have complicated and antique forms, that look like a wineglass, typical mosaic votive candle holders, the tea light ones, or even larger ones in a shape of vase or a bowl. Their advantage is that they’ll suit pretty much any interior design, they always look elegant and never go out of style, and the light reflects from mosaic pieces particularly beautiful.

The way of how to make mosaic candle holders is as simple as it can be. You just take a base (a glass, a vase, a jar, etc.), little stones, seashells, beads, pieces of colorful glass or transparent plastic and stick them onto the base part in any pattern you want with glue.

Mosaic Goblet Candle Holders

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