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Rustic floor lamps ,no doubt,  can put a big effect on a room’s atmosphere. These towering lanterns can light up dark spaces and modify the ambience of a room. Rustic style floor lamps can be the best task lights, either for reading or other focused work.
On pairing with ceiling  lighting, these floor lanterns add alluring effect to a room. However, you must consider 3 things whenever you search for the best rustic floor lamps.
The style of a rustic  lantern surely depends on the room style and function of the rustic lamp. If your room style is traditional then you can pick a rustic chandelier floor lamp. On the contrary, if you have a modern-style room, you should hunt for an arc-shaped lantern.
Additionally, you must also consider lampshades and colours of bulbs, when hunting for a rustic lamp . As these also enhance the room’s ambience and décor.
On deciding height of the floor lamp, you ought to analyse the room’s place, where you want to place a rustic lantern,  function of lantern, and the size. If you need a lamp to illuminate the dark corners in a small room then select a tall lamp. Whereas, you may decide on a medium-height lamp for any kind of focused work,  reading or writing.
After selecting the style and height of a rustic floor lighting, placement is an imperative factor to consider. The adjustment of small lamps is easier than tall lamps. You can adjust small lamps near furniture. While towered lamps take much space.
So try to place your lamp in corners to avoid bumping of any person into it. Don’t place lamps in centre of a room, as anyone can easily collide with them.

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