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Unique Votive Candle Holders

We always want our decorations look special, uncommon and reflect our personality, so unique candle holders are on our list as well. The stores are full with different holders. Those could be artificial little trees with several class candle holders on its branches, spiral metal tall holders. The ones, that include different figures like human shadows or hands holding a candle, or a bird carrying a twig with a little candle are extremely special and modern. A successful combination of different styles in one candle holder will look amazing as well.

But the best way of getting unique candles and candle holders is creating them yourselves. The candles are not too difficult to make. The basic ingredients are wax/paraffin and a candlewick. But you may mix some dyes into your wax, or dry/artificial flowers and leaves, essential oils for a nice smell so that when your candle is ready, it has little decorations inside. You may also come up with some ideas of decorating a candle on the outside.

Unique Glass Candle Holders

But when it comes to candle holders, you may pretty much use anything you have at your house. For instance, you may decorate a jar, a wineglass or a glass bowl to create unique glass candle holders no one else will have. Another cool idea is to make floating candle holders by filling your base vessel with water up to the middle, adding some decorations inside it (colorful stones, seashells, flowers, leaves, figures) and even dying the water with the food coloring. You may also create a wonderful design on a glass holder by spraying a sparkly silver or golden paint over the lace, attached to the holder. And when you remove the lace, you’re left with a beautiful pattern of your choice.

If you wanted to get unique wall candle holders, then I’d tell you, that a decorative flat tree with places to put a candle in, or a part of a bird’s cage with a candle will look unbelievably on the wall.

Unique Candles and Candle Holders

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