Choice of Large Hurricane Candle Holders

Large Glass Hurricane Candle Holders
Large Hurricane Candle HoldersLarge Glass Candle Holders HurricaneLarge Hurricane Candle Holders GlassLarge Red Hurricane Candle Holders

Large hurricane candle holders are something that you need, if you are looking for a decoration that will stand out and become a central piece of a setup. They may look extremely modern and daring, but for the most part, they’re quite elegant and classical. The most obvious, but at the same time, the most variable version of them is large glass hurricane candle holders. You may find simple and minimalistic ones, which include only […]

Cool Outdoor Candle Chandelier

Outdoor Candle Chandeliers for Gazebos
Outdoor Hanging Candle ChandelierOutdoor Candle ChandelierOutdoor Candle Chandelier Non ElectricOutdoor Candle Chandeliers for Gazebos

Outdoor candle chandelier is a perfect non-electric lighting and décor idea for your garden, especially the dining area of a patio. They create romantic, even poetic and elegant look of the area. There are more classical, indoor-like chandeliers for a backyard, which are usually gold or brass with sophisticated details and lines and which are usually meant for tall candles you stick onto the individual holders. They will bring you back to the 18th century, […]

Top Mosaic Candle Holders Choices

Mosaic Hurricane Candle Holders
Brown Mosaic Candle HoldersBlue Mosaic Candle HoldersMosaic Candle Holders CenterpieceMosaic Glass Candle Holders

If you’re looking for some sophisticated, unique and chic ideas for interior decorations, which won’t overload it, but bring a nice exquisite touch to it, then consider getting mosaic candle holders. A candle, put into it, will sparkle with its light and reflect the mosaic’s pattern, attracting attention to the candle and emphasizing warm, cozy or even romantic atmosphere in the room. Candles are perfect decorations for any house or apartment, as they not only […]

All about Outdoor Candle Holders

Outdoor Wall Mounted Candle Holders
Outdoor Wall Mounted Candle HoldersOutdoor Hurricane Candle HoldersOutdoor Candle Holders LanternsOutdoor Hanging Candle Holders

Romantic and warm atmosphere in your backyard or on the porch may be created with the help of outdoor candle holders, installed right on the land or attached to the house walls, trees or other pillars you may find suitable for this purpose. If you’ve planned and outdoor evening for your beloved one, or with you family/friends, or birthday, engagement parties and even wedding ceremony, you have to make sure, that your candles won’t be […]

Awesome Rustic Candle Holders Design

Rustic Tea Light Candle Holders
Rustic Wall Candle HoldersRustic Wooden Candle HoldersRustic Candle HoldersRustic Wall Mounted Candle Holders

One of the many ways to bring some natural and special décor pieces into your interior is to get or make really cool and cute rustic candle holders. They may be made exclusively of wood, tree bark or branches or include some wooden and rope detailing while being glass, plastic or metal. Anyway, country or shabby chic interior designs, or even contemporary classic one may absolutely be complemented by these holders. Candles are perfect decorations […]

Beautiful Tall Candle Holders

Tall Silver Candle Holders
Tall Gold Candle HoldersTall Glass Hurricane Candle HoldersTall Crystal Candle HoldersTall Floating Candle Holders

Tall candle holders are amazingly elegant and exquisite decorations for your house, holiday dining table or wedding centerpiece element and venue piece of decor. They look sophisticated and kind of more formal, even festive and sometimes old-fashioned. They remind of classical candle holders of 18-19th centuries, when candles were put everywhere as a source of lighting. Metal, copper or brass ones you stick high candles on top of are more of an antique and classical […]

Best Unique Candle Holders Inspirations

Unique Candles and Candle Holders
Unique Glass Candle HoldersDecorative Wall Sconces Candle HoldersUnique Votive Candle HoldersUnique Wall Candle Holders

We always want our decorations look special, uncommon and reflect our personality, so unique candle holders are on our list as well. The stores are full with different holders. Those could be artificial little trees with several class candle holders on its branches, spiral metal tall holders. The ones, that include different figures like human shadows or hands holding a candle, or a bird carrying a twig with a little candle are extremely special and […]

Important Vintage Candle Holders Tips

Vintage Crystal Candle Holders
Vintage Candle Holders WeddingVintage Clear Glass Candle HoldersVintage Wooden Candle HoldersVintage Birthday Candle Holders

Formal events’ venues or houses with classical or Victorian interior designs may absolutely include vintage candle holders. They are an exclusive and elegant decoration, that sets a special exalted and festive atmosphere, complementing the interior and other pieces of decor. Usually, they are vintage metal candle holders or the ones with brass, bronze silver, copper and golden finish and sophisticated design and raised details. Often they’re called candelabras or chandeliers, if they’re hanging from the […]

Best Floating Candle Bowls Ideas

Floating Candle Bowls Ideas
Floating Candle BowlsFloating Candle Glass BowlsDIY Floating Candle BowlsFloating Candle Bowls Ideas

Making floating candle bowls is easy and elegant way to create a unique and customized piece of decor. They will combine two completely opposite elements of the nature: hot burning fire and cold, calm, but powerful water. Only in this case they won’t be standing against each other and water won’t defeat the timid candle’s flame. On the contrary , they will unite in a slow and subtle dance, that will create a special atmosphere […]

Best Floating Candle Centerpiece

How to Make a Floating Candle Centerpiece with Flowers
Floating Candle Centerpiece IdeasFloating Candle Centerpiece KitsHow to Make a Floating Candle Centerpiece with FlowersFall Floating Candle Centerpiece Ideas

Floating candle centerpiece is a perfect decoration for any type of special occasion, whether it’s a holiday family gathering, a date, someone’s birthday or baby shower, prom and especially wedding. As all candles, they create a special, warm and romantic atmosphere, but these centerpieces are just extra beautiful and interesting, comparing with the ordinary holders or single candles. They will combine two completely opposite elements of the nature: hot burning fire and cold, calm, but […]